Bilateral Partner Search Form for RO-CULTURE

This is Partner Search Form for RO-CULTURE

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Bucharest, Romania
004 -0736 686 321
Te call deadline is 30 august 2018.

We are looking to attract art entities(established or emergent, institutional or private) as partners from the donor countries, like Norway.

In the very next future we intend to apply RO-CULTURA SEE 2014-2021. At this moment we work to set up a cultural project called “GRUND Art Space” and hope to obtain a maximum of EUR 200,000.

Briefly, this is about contemporary art production and exhibition, public development. The main aim is to implement and develop bilateral relations, involving emergent artist and theoreticians, by creating an alternative art platform in Bucharest, Ro with links to Norway and international.
A very important condition in order to apply to this programme is having a partner from donor countries. Even is a “must” we hope to attract a institution like you and transform this “must” into a win-win opportunity for both entities.

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