About Grund

Grund is a non-governmental organization that functions as a legal representation for the artistic activity of a community of students and fresh graduates of the National University of Arts. Being founded at the end of 2016, the need for the existence of an alternative art platform with a young, transparent and coagulating art platform, the Grund Association, based on the founding acts, the promoted activities and the activities carried out, aims to support and promote young artists and emerging art producers, the production of cultural goods, the defense of their interests, and the promotion of collaborative relationships between different backgrounds of the artistic and cultural context and, implicitly, the creation of synergies between artistic communities. The objectives of Grund are: – to support and promote emerging artists – to create synergy within the academic artistic field and between cultural environments – to produce cultural goods – to study in the field of visual arts, both on practical and theoretical level – the assertion of the hub character of the spaces production