Among the aims and interests of GRUND we mention the increase in the production of cultural goods, the promotion and visibility of emerging artists. We promote art in alternative locations with partners of various entities.

It is an artistic group founded in 2017 by five young artists and has as main purpose the promotion of
contemporary art. It functions as a legal interface for the artistic activities of a community of young artists
from Bucharest, Romania with national and international connections.
The name of the NGO has a direct artistic significance. It is well known that the primer (grund), in
techniques of easel painting and beyond, is the first layer to be laid on the canvas. The primer coat is the
precursor of any painting, of any two-dimensional artwork, well-made technically, durable. The word
“grund” (primer) is taken from Martin Heidegger's philosophical construction where it appears in the form
of the German language “Grunden” and is one of the three meanings of Stiftung (to found), namely the
foundation (Grunden). For community activity belonging to the Grund Association, primer is the soil on
which it is founded, the first layer that participates in the building, the foundation of the activity and the
primary initiative to start “to do”.