15 sept – 10 oct 2018
UNAgaleria, Bucharest
The event is part of a series of experimental actions and brings together UNARTE students and graduates.
Being a group exhibition proposes speeches that address different topics and themes. They have as a common denominator the profound research into the construction of two-dimensional images and three-dimensional objects.
Extension + is an artistic approach in which the image is assumed to be the “vehicle” in artistic expression, research being carried out through different filters and environments, emphasizing the importance of the technique for the whole process.
Secondly, the present exhibition aims to radiograph, assume and affirm some practical and theoretical references and to develop an alternative methodology.
Curator: Horatiu Lipot
George Bizgu
Anca Constantinescu
Adrian Dica
Laszlo Forray
Albert Kaan
Razvan Nastase
Laura Niculescu
Razvan Radu
Daniel Rosca
Andrei Simion
Alice Voinea
UNAgaleria Extension + in imagini