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Ion Achitenie

Petre Achitenie

Bogdan Andronic

Catalin Balescu

Bogdan Cazacincu

Arthur Bota

Adrian Dica

Laura Niculescu

Marius Barb

Teodor Stefan

Liviu Stoicoviciu

Dragos Lupu

Nagy Andrea

Romeo Gheorghita

Eugen Raportoru

Lucian Liciu

Ile Stefi

Horia Cristina

Ion Anghel

Dumitru Mihai Glodeanu

Vasile Muresan Murivale

Mirela Traistaru

Mihai Florin

Iulian Gheaba

Cristian Samfira

Liviu Epuras

Elena Dascalescu

Eugen Iovan

Dagmar Oprea

Laurentiu Midvichi

Iris Bianca Teodorescu

Bianca Ionita

Nicoleta Gribincea

Ionut Barbu

Lisandru Neamtu

Florin Mocanu

Florian Mihailescu

Vasile Pop Negresteanu

Andrei Simion

Mircea Muresan


Curator: Mircea Mureșan

Opening: 24 05 2021 /h: 18:00

Centrul Artelor Vizuale

Str. Biserica Enei #16


DRAWING # 2, contemporary drawing

            The contemporary art objects from Romania presented in this exhibition are made in the technique of drawing, in its various forms. It brings together drawing in charcoal to watercolors or even taking the form of object and installation.

            The contemporary drawing exhibition conceived and curated by Mircea Mureșan will open on Monday, May 24 at 6 pm. Organized by the Painting Branch of UAP Bucharest, it will take place over a period of two weeks on the 1st floor of the C.A.V. from Biserica Enei street no. 16, Bucharest.

            It should be noted that all the drawings selected and included in the exhibition are creations of artists who mainly make works of art in the field of painting, some of them being emerging artists and others already established in the artistic field.

DRAWING # 1, the first edition of the series of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary drawing.

The Drawing # 2 exhibition is the continuation of a curatorial approach started in 2016, when the first edition of such an event was opened in the same place, also conceived and curated by Mircea Mureșan. In addition to the initial core of artists present in the 2016 Drawing # 1 exhibition, at this second edition we find an extensive number of exhibitors, joining younger or more experienced artists who recently focused on drawing issues as a working environment. Several GRUND artists were present with works at both the first and second edition.

Obviously, the series of contemporary drawing exhibitions, started in 2016 and continued in 2021, aims at a survey in the field, without declaring itself exhaustive.

Compared to those mentioned above, there are deviations and exceptions that the art-consuming public will have to detect and enjoy.


Opening: 24 05 2021 /h: 18:00

Curator: Mircea Mureșan

Centrul Artelor Vizuale

Str. Biserica Enei #16


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