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Interior Design & Contemporary Art

We talk to an architect about interior design and contemporary art. Curiosity is an essential and consistent part of the lives of those who deal with art. This time, curiosity takes us to an area as close to the artistic field as it is foreign to artists and even to the public.

Interior Design and Contemporary Art 

The discrepancy between the production of contemporary art and the lack of real and visible, transparent, natural connection with the interior design is intriguing. Probably the wall is raised, as always, by prejudices: on the one hand of the artists, on the other hand of the designers and most importantly, the prejudices of the public (or lack thereof). But there are constant signs that the fault is beginning to narrow.

With old philosophical roots aiming at “living”, this occupation and its object, it seems to win the battle with the eternal “let it go like this”. From the famous trinkets and leveling macrame that we found in almost all Romanian homes, to the post-December compartmentalization, we reach a seemingly chaotic or at least eclectic present, but most importantly – which takes a look at the corner of the eye to the production of contemporary art. Artistic events are open again. It finally seems that contemporary art is beginning to mean something fixed where it is needed: close to the public, even in people’s homes.


3 answers about interior design

We decided to find more premises for our dilemmas by talking to Cosmina Gancevici, architect and interior designer.


1. What’s the matter with interior design? What exactly does an interior designer do? With the development of interior design software applications, when anyone can download predefined schemes on their smartphones with examples of how to arrange their home, how relevant is the profession of interior designer now? Where does the difference make?


I use specialized programs to make plans – 2D, 3D projects. For the concept phase, I like to make preliminary sketches, always by hand. Probably the difference here is in using the software as an auxiliary element and not necessarily as the only working tool.

Interior design costs, but saves the budget

When it comes to interior design, there is still confusion between architect, interior designer and decorator. I feel the need to clarify some details. The architect is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture (design, building construction, etc.). The interior architect is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, department – Interior Architecture. The decorator is the one who takes individual courses and they are not so complex. The downside is that they do not use technical skills in their approach. He intervenes only at the end of the work, he deals with the surface aspects of the arranged spaces.

The interior designer

The Architect, the Interior Architect have a base of technical knowledge acquired, identifies and solves the problems that people face when they want to arrange an interior space. They use the basic principles of architecture, fundamental concepts. This way architects can help their client save time. They also save their clients from the budget, knowing exactly the amount of materials needed, they know the order of the entire project.

We come to their aid taking into account all the details, we make complex and functional plans for interiors, listed and scale furniture projects, plans – sketches from lighting to electrical and plumbing. We take into account light, contrasts, symmetries, cardinal points, size, style, etc. We model the interiors according to preferences, managing to offer a harmonious and well-structured space where customers can feel at ease.


2. How do you work? How do you document yourself? Where do you get your inspiration from? What do you think is the 2021 trend? What trend do you think will catch on in the future?

 Designul de interior si arta contemporana

I like to buy magazines, interior design books. I keep up with everything that new technology means so that I can provide as much information as possible to my client. I try to take into account a lot of what I discuss with the client, of his story, of the house. It matters who he is, what he likes to do. All these details help me create an ideal space.

The year 2020 has fundamentally changed many areas. The pandemic has affected society, in the way people live their lives. We spent a lot of time and still spend it at home. I think it is very important to pay attention to the interior space. Our homes should now be multifunctional and share our space. I think we should have the workspace and the recreation space – rest. More precisely, an intimate space that offers us as much peace and well-being as possible, separate from the one dedicated to the work activities.

Veg and art

Trends include an abundance of materials such as steel, glass along with vegetation and art. As much vegetation as possible both outside and inside. Interior design and contemporary art as much as possible. It is very important to have vegetation both as a source of oxygen, but also as an aesthetic and psychological (re) source. I don’t know if it will be a trend. I would like art to exist more in inhabited interiors. Whether we are talking about painting, sculpture or even new techniques. I would also like natural materials such as stone to appear more often to have a close connection with nature. I hope that the trend will be maintained (where appropriate) and develop towards monochromes and vegetation in relation to art.


3. How do your clients react when it comes to contemporary art?


It depends on everyone, I do not generalize. Interior design and contemporary art often intersect. Some are open in the field of contemporary art and are looking for all kinds of authentic objects or paintings. Others are more reserved – either they do not appreciate art, or they are skeptical, or they are simply not interested or familiar with this field. Some customers are surprised by the prices of contemporary artwork and prefer to choose a piece of furniture to their detriment. Instead, others believe that art plays an important role in arranging the space and want to invest in the field.


Interior design is a choice

I always try to get people to make the right choices. Choices in terms of furniture, quality of materials used, including valuable art objects. Interior design and contemporary art go together. I will always opt for original artistic creations, especially of contemporary authors that are accessible on the one hand, and on the other hand I am interested. I do not consider serial art objects, “printed paintings” for example; the house (even the office) is the most frequented space, the space where we should invest for ourselves.