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The works of contemporary art from Romania presented in the exhibition at Căminul Artei are mainly made in the painting technique. The event will open on Monday, June 7, 2021 at 6 p.m.

   The exhibition brings together a series of 75 artists and over 80 works of visual art. It is curated by Marius Barb Barbone and Mircea Mureșan and organized by the Painting Branch of UAP Bucharest. It will take place over a period of two weeks from 7 to 20 June 2021, at the address Biserica Enei Street no. 16, Bucharest.

   Within the exhibition can be seen works by well-known contemporary artists with extensive experience in the field along with works by emerging artists, some of them still students of universities, especially UNARTE. GRUND member artists have always been present in this exhibition but also in the past.

GRUP 33, the first edition of the series of exhibitions dedicated to the Bucharest painting guild
   The current event is a continuation of the series of group exhibitions and is organized by the guild of painters in Bucharest. Initiated and curated by Mircea Mureșan and Marius Barb Barbone, the first of the suite of the 4 editions took place in 2016, opening on May 26. GRUP 47 also took place in October 2018 and GRUP 53 in July 2020.

    The series of contemporary art exhibitions started in 2016 and continued until 2021, aims at a survey in the field, without declaring itself exhaustive.

   Over time, they have exhibited emerging artists, students or recent graduates, established artists, university teachers-artists, proposing unique variants of contemporary painting. All the exhibitions mentioned above, as well as the current one, bring / brought in the exhibition space various themes, subjects, approaches and understandings of the pictorial phenomenon. From abstractions, simplifications, geometries and severe radicalizations of visual language, to lyricism or photorealism, the proposed works can provide an overview of the current activity of those who are active members of the guild.


Opening: June 7, 2021 / h: 18:00

Curator: Mircea Mureșan and Marius Barb Barbone

Home of Art / Visual Arts Center

Str. Enei Church Nr. 16