2020 – Was Jetzt? / Grund /Romanian National Library /BUC,RO

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  • Adrian Dica
  • Laura Niculescu
  • Razvan Radu
  • Curators: Simona Tache & Pierre van Hulle
  • Event Type: Contemporary Arts
  • Date: 18 09 2020 – postponed lockdown
  • Vernisaj: 18 09 2020
  • Full Name: Was Jetz? Si mai Departe? And What?
  • Place: BNR/ Bucharest
  • Grund joined as invited artist group
  • Catalog ISBN Available
  • National Visitors : ~300
  • International Public : ~100
  • Specialists joined: ~50
  • part of Grund Art Space database 
  • all rights reserved

Hosted in September 2020 at National Library in Bucharest, Romania. As a team that creates contemporary art, Grund joined the expositional project built on the principle of interculturality. The works are signed by emergent contemporary artists from Romania, Belgium and France and invite the visitors to explore their own interrogations, exceeding this way the exhibition framework. We learned how to produce contemporary art in times of corona. How to produce contemporary art in Romania when a new lockdown is seen around the corner? We did it, even the event was suspended after two weeks. The artworks explore complex themes, captured from the perspective of transformation: space, individual and collective identity, the relation of the individual with his daily universe, with The Other, language and phonetics, perception on one’s own existence and on the environment. 

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