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Exhibition of contemporary art in online and in Bucharest that joins works of two young painters. Adrian Dică and Laura Niculescu. Both are known for their solo and group exhibitions of contemporary art in Romania and other European places.

Artists – Adrian Dică & Laura Niculescu
Curator: Diana Andrei
The Palace of Parliament
Izvor# 2-4, S5, BUCHAREST
Opening day: 8.04.2021
The documentary video-clip of the exhibition can be seen here.

Their works are placed face to face in a dialogue between two bodies of works. They worked on it for almost two years, since their last personal exhibitions.

We can see contemporary art pieces created by each emergent artist that are milestones of the old and new artistic search. Here the spiritual bridges born between their works form a powerful body of elements connected.

About title

One dimension is the physical one and by folding equally and vertically we get the the spiritual one. Then by continuous folding a multidimensional space arises. That’s how the name of the exhibition was born.

So in the end, Apart is not about separation. This is about “talking” in a structure of elements that give a dialogue space.


Both contemporary art projects are born from a contrast similar to the one of a person who is caught in a flying airplane. Above all, being in a situation that he cannot control, he start to reevaluate. Even the boundaries and connections with the old landscape become temporary null and obsolete in their works. Finally, until everyting is revalued and recomposed. By now space and time fly away.

Laura Niulescu Artworks – contemporary art in exhibition
Niculescu’s paintings are a continuation of the “Less is more” series. She is going deeper beyond unnecessary details through a moral and ethical view. This (reminding of the dry desert or the frozen lonely north) in a spiritual search for authenticity and freedom. Right from the first works of this series, facades are uncovered. By then, the structures are demolished. All limits go away, the basement is erased and time fly away.
Therefore we can see how the perspective becomes a sketch. In other words, the main elements are extracted and reinterpreted. For instance, everything in successive stages is resynthesized, just as spiritual milestones. Above all, we can see how the “memory of an old photo is condensed and poured” in pure geometrical suspended elements (point, line, rectangle).
Space in her artworks 
Firstly, we can understand how space is represented in her works in a classical perspective. Here the debris of nature is eliminated. Secondly, it is clearly how the differences and distances between objects are kept and synthesized. Thirdly, all images compositions are static. However, there is one or two centers of interest. Most importantly, we can see the strong tonal value and the suspended geometrical element. Moreover in some works, the rectangles are the center of interest. In conclusion, all other details are meant to be completely and definitively erased.
She use formal compositional similarities to the Egyptian and Byzantine painting. This operation is adapted to contemporary art language.  Here is an attempt to delete the limits of time. We can understand how her technique rejects the excessive materiality of paint paste. Also avoid lots of unnecessary overlayers. All of this, in a great attempt to erase the limits of space, thus obtaining the essence, the truth.
Adrian Dică artworks – contemporary art in exhibition
The tension between a space can be found in reality and an exclusively imagined one has been animating Dică’s work since the beginning.
His pre-apocalyptic scenery is the reflection of our inner lives but translated in contemporary art language. We all have good and bad, so we have happiness and sadness, sunny summers and icy winters. This can be an unity of paradoxes that makes our lives meaningful.
But Adrian Dică succeeds in making out of his art an image of life in itself. There are meeting points with the others’ conscience.
The milestones of his works from 2019 to 2021 are two paintings of industrial ruins. They are of a previous era. They are also personal interior landscapes, conditioned by the time and the space of past significant memories.
Emergent artist in Romania
The physical constructions are abstract mental schemes and they belong to a timelessness of a space based on perception. Above all, here the art is intimate and imaginative. It is showing the existence of a conscience and the attitude of detachment or revaluation of memories. Dică’s works are not born out of imaginative perceptions of some common landscapes.
Although there are elements from the past included in his paintings, there is a timelessness of a shaped landscape in a reference to an end without past or present.
Personal views inside the contemporary art in Romania exhibition
“Attitude is useful for objectivity in the middle of subjectivity. The sign of the existence of an objective detached conscience has the purpose of completing and fulfilling the necessary conditions in expressing a shaped and initial landscape, with truth value.“ says Dică.
From a point of view the artist aimed at a certain correctness. This is validated by his own experience. He is helped by the methods already established. But starting from the techniques specific to the pictorial language (oil, acrylic on canvas) he tried to experiment based on a final expressivity.
Emergent artist and views regarding techne
Firstly, without developing a strict, repetitive method he integrated into the technique using various variables ranging. Because of this he use acrylic colors and oils to  water based stains. Also use textural sprays, industrial paint and pigments. The brush is generally used for counterpoint. The rest of the image is constructed using palette knife, chassis wedges, scrapers or paint sprayers.
Secondly, the general technique principle concerns several series of construction and deconstruction. Also we can see adds and extraction of pictorial matter and of elements of plastic language. However these favors the “coexistence” of the experimental things and of the accidental factor, but assumed with a “correct” technical, psychological and historical approach.
One contemporary art in Romania exhibition. Here we can find two emergent artists, two dots, a line, two lines, thousands of connections between worksshowing leangroupsuspended

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