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Intermezzo / 2022

A Square Apart

Laura Niculescu & Adrian Dică at The Palace of Parliament, BUCH RO, 8 -28 April 2021 

Laura Niculescu in her art studio in Bucharest, April 2021

Adrian Dică in his studio in Bucharest, April 2021

A Square Apart Teaser

A Square Apart Intro

Undeniable Illusion of Pink, Opening Day 2019

Preparing Adrian Dică Soloshow Undeniable Illusion of Pink, Arthalle Gallery Bucharest, 2019

Distant Closeness, Intimate Expanse, FIVE Plus Art Gallery Vienna, 2019

Extension +, UNAGaleria Bucharest, 2018

Inside the studio, Adrian Dică, 2019

Extension, Bucharest, 2012

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