Razvan Nastase

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Razvan Nastase curently lives and works in Bucharest. He graduated a master degree in painting, at National University of Arts from Bucharest, in 2015. His minimalist demarche doesn’t have a starting point in social or mondaine problems but in the world of abstract forms.The field in which the artist enter, and where we, too, are invited to step in, is one related to the world of purely abstract shapes, where the motivation is abstract, the purpose is solely aesthetic, and the end result, spontaneous .

An approach which has its roots in the desire of understanding the aesthetic through abstract visuality, by expressing the surface using crafting methods and exploiting the dialogue between the three primary elements of the bidimensional image, especially in painting: color, composition, material / texture. The visuality of the artist reveals more about his qualities and his potential, than about a possible passing trap, especially created only to include appealing effects or for commercial trends.

To Frank Stella, the enemies of art are “representation, reproduction, recreation”. Razvan Nastase had his first solo show at “the room” gallery by Seabam (2016) with “Crop” project, continued the following year at Art Safari Bucharest Fair (2017). He recieved the first prize at “International Student Biennale – Drawing” Sofia (2014) and he has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Romania and abroad.

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