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Here and now you can make a difference in the community field. A fun & easy way to practice your skills. Get involved with us! Grow a network !



How does it work ? Simple! Put your free time for making a difference.

We work for Arts, Culture & Education. Spending just a few hours/mnthly or annually you can get involved national and international, remotely via online or directly (in case of exhibition public events). For example, if you want to publish on Grund Art Space a text about art, it is enough to communicate by email. If you have SEO skills it`s the same. 

Art Enthusiasts, Artists, Writers, Content Creators, PR Specialists, Fundraisers, Brookers, Cultural Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Interior Designers, Art Critics, Philosophers, Art Historians, Curators, VR, Publishers, Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers, Architects, Translators, Accountant, Jurists, SEO Specialists, Photographs, Video Editors, Google Ads Specialist, Marketing, Jurnalists.

But not limited! If you feel in, just drop a line and apply for volunteer.

You will have some benefits working as a volunteer with us.

For example if you want to write about arts, then your essays will be published on our platform and social networks under your name. If we`ll long term collaborate then you`ll get your own profile on GRUND platform in Community section.  We`ll also provide a “free internship” certificate useful in your carrier. Beside of this, you will met new people, learn about art, make new connections and grow a great international community.


Will be looking for something to do once a month, or a couple times a year?

If yes, then here is the chance to get involved with Grund Art Space. We have opportunities for different levels of commitment so you can be as involved as you want to be.

Drop a line at hello (@)

Tell us about your skills and your commitment level. Oh, and Yes! Start your Volunteer activity by sharing this page now on your social network ↓

There's nothing like being involved with our team !

join us & support contemporary art